Medication-Assisted Treatment for Fentanyl Addiction

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Proudly serving the Spokane and Eastern Washington, our methadone clinic provides adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from Fentanyl, heroin, oxycodone, and other opiates.

Understanding Fentanyl Abuse

Understanding Fentanyl Abuse Recovery

As a synthetic opioid narcotic, fentanyl is commonly compared to morphine due to its ability to treat severe and chronic pain in patients who have recently experienced a medical procedure. The use of fentanyl increases the levels of dopamine that are released by binding to the opiate receptors in the brain. When this occurs, individuals often experience feelings of euphoria and intense relaxation. It is due to these attractive side effects that many individuals find themselves consuming this medication for recreational purposes. When taken recreationally, individuals place themselves at an increased risk for developing an addiction to this powerful medication. Once an individual becomes addicted to fentanyl, he or she may quickly feel as if every aspect of his or her life revolves around his or her addiction. Although successfully defeating an addiction to fentanyl may feel impossible, treatment options are available.

The compassionate staff of addiction treatment experts at Spokane Comprehensive Treatment Center understands the complexities that are associated with an addiction to fentanyl. For this reason, we proudly provide patients with comprehensive medication-assisted treatment for fentanyl addiction. This form of treatment utilizes certain medications alongside therapeutic interventions in order to provide patients with treatment for both the physical and emotional aspects of their addictive behaviors. Through the use of medication-assisted treatment, patients utilize specific prescription medications that are formulated to alleviate the physical discomforts of withdrawal while keeping cravings for continued fentanyl use at bay. These medications are clinically proven to be safe and effective when taken as prescribed by our medical team. In addition to medications, patients are invited to incorporate the use of therapeutic interventions into their treatment plan in order to address and process the root causes of their addiction while appropriately preparing for a future that is substance-free.

Spokane Comprehensive Treatment Center is here to assist you or someone that you love in safely and successfully breaking free from the chains of addiction. Our all-inclusive treatment provides patients with the support, education, and treatment that are required in order to regain control of the life that addiction has taken over.

Types of Treatment Offered

Types of Treatment Offered for Fentanyl Abuse at Spokane Comprehensive Treatment Center

Men and women aged 18 and older who are battling an addiction to fentanyl are invited to take part in the all-inclusive outpatient treatment that is available through Spokane Comprehensive Treatment Center. Individuals are provided with the highest quality of comprehensive treatment from the moment that they walk through our doors. Our dedicated team of nurses, physicians, and counselors are readily available to assist patients in developing customized plans of treatment that encompass their individual needs and treatment goals. Spokane Comprehensive Treatment Center proudly provides patients with the opportunity to incorporate the following prescription medications and therapeutic interventions as a part of their treatment plan:

Methadone: Methadone safely alleviates the physical discomforts of withdrawal while eliminating cravings for continued fentanyl use. When taken as directed, methadone allows patients the ability to actively play a role in daily activities such as work and driving in an unimpaired manner as use of this medication does not cause cognitive delays or impairments. When taken as prescribed, the use of methadone is extremely safe.

Suboxone: First approved in 2002 by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of opioid addiction, Suboxone has since provided numerous individuals with relief from the physical discomforts often associated with withdrawal. Utilizing a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone, Suboxone safely eliminates cravings for continued fentanyl use, while alleviating the physical symptoms of withdrawal. Patients who are prescribed this medication are also protected against overdose and abuse.

Subutex (Buprenorphine): With buprenorphine as its primary active ingredient, Subutex diminishes cravings for additional fentanyl use while relieving the physical symptoms that often accompany withdrawal. Many patients who begin their treatment by taking Subutex often transition onto Suboxone later in treatment for long-term maintenance if necessary.

Individual therapy: Before a patient can achieve lasting recovery, he or she must confront the underlying causes of his or her addictive behaviors. For this reason, Spokane Comprehensive Treatment Center proudly provides patients with the opportunity to incorporate individual therapy into their treatment plan. These sessions provide patients with the ability to work one-on-one with a highly qualified counselor in order to address and process the root causes of their addiction, while simultaneously working through any issues that may arise during the course of treatment. Once a patient understands what led him or her to abuse fentanyl in the first place, he or she is able to prepare for a future that is substance-free in an appropriate manner.

Group therapy: Like individual therapy, group therapy provides patients with the chance to openly share their emotions and experiences in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Group therapy sessions bring patients together to work alongside other individuals who are also receiving treatment for addiction under the guidance of a trained counselor. By working with their peers, patients are able to provide each other with the support and encouragement that is required in order to successfully and safely progress in treatment. Individual and group therapy sessions provide patients with the education and support that are required in order to achieve recovery.

Why Consider Treatment

Why Consider Spokane Comprehensive Treatment Center for Fentanyl Abuse

Individuals who become addicted to fentanyl quickly find that their physical and psychological wellbeing are jeopardized. The abuse of this medication can result in feelings of sedation, gastrointestinal issues, depression of the immune system, and disturbances in daily functioning. Once healthy relationships quickly fall apart, the inability to perform in the workplace can result in termination, and a lack of income can cause individuals to fall behind on financial obligations. Although overcoming an addiction to fentanyl may feel impossible, treatment options are available.

Spokane Comprehensive Treatment Center is here to provide you or someone that you love with the all-inclusive treatment that is required in order to progress towards recovery. By treating the physical and psychological components of an addiction, patients are given the opportunity to increase the likelihood that lasting recovery will occur. Please contact us today if you or someone that you love is struggling with an addiction to fentanyl. We are here to assist you in taking the first steps towards recovery.