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Proudly serving the Spokane and Eastern Washington, our methadone clinic provides adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, and other opiates.

What is Group Therapy

What is Purpose of Group Therapy for Opioid Abuse?

The complexities of addiction extend beyond a simplistic cure.

Those struggling with addiction must face the emotional, behavioral, physical, and psychological hurdles that are associated with the disease of addiction in order to truly break free from its grasp. In order for treatment to provide patients with the best outcomes possible, programs must address each of these facets in order to gain an understanding of what caused the addiction in the first place. Group therapy plays an instrumental role in aiding individuals in understanding the roots of their addiction.

Group therapy is a therapeutic tool that involves numerous patients taking part in a singular therapy session. Group therapy sessions typically involve one counselor working within a small group of patients, while other sessions may utilize multiple counselors when more patients are present.

The goal of group therapy within an addiction treatment setting is to seek out and address both the emotional and behavioral influences that may have aided in the development of each individual’s addiction in the first place. Since multiple factors such as stress, pressure, psychiatric conditions, a history of trauma and abuse, and self-esteem issues can contribute to addiction, it is imperative that patients are provided a safe environment in which to explore and expand on each of these factors. Group therapy allows patients a supportive and encouraging space in which to discuss these factors to help progress towards recovery.

Group therapy pulls its effectiveness from both the counselor who is leading the session and the patients who are participating by openly communicating their individual experiences and insights with the group. The primary goals and philosophies of group therapy are as follows:

  • Universality– Assisting in lessening the feelings of separation by emphasizing the camaraderie of feelings and experiences between group members
  • Self-understanding– Acquiring insight into one’s own concerns by listening to other group members discuss their program progression, as well as any setbacks that may have taken place
  • Interpersonal learning– Learning from the opinions and experiences of other group members while also being able to openly communicate one’s own perceptions
  • Altruism– Understanding the importance of contributing to the improvement of the lives of others
  • Hope– Appreciating that other group members have overcome similar difficulties that one may currently be struggling with
  • Information– Obtaining more information about the disease of addiction as well as the recovery process
  • Imitative behavior– Acquiring new approaches for how to handle situations by observing the positive behaviors of both the counselor and the other group members
  • Cohesiveness– Feeling a sense of community and validation by sharing in the therapeutic process with others
  • Catharsis– Experiencing a sense of reprieve from emotional pain by openly communicating one’s own struggles with others

Objectives for Group Therapy

Objectives of Group Therapy for Opioid Abuse

Spokane Comprehensive Treatment Center truly values the important role that group therapy plays within a comprehensive treatment program. By joining counselors and patients together within a safe and structured environment, individuals struggling with addiction are able to openly discuss their struggles and successes while gaining a strong sense of community and belonging. Group therapy provides patients with the support and encouragement required in order to achieve and maintain long-term recovery.

While there is no singular cure for addiction, there are treatment options available that can be brought together in order to form a comprehensive approach that provides individuals with the tools required to achieve recovery. Group therapy plays an essential role in the comprehensive treatment approach utilized at Spokane Comprehensive Treatment Center.

If you or someone you love would benefit from the treatment options available through Spokane Comprehensive Treatment Center and would like to learn more about them, please contact one of our dedicated intake experts today.